Announcement of Sakura Award 2022 Gold Award and wine release date


Snow River Unsparkling Rosato 2021, a wine scheduled to be released by Yukikawa Brewery LLC, won the Gold Award at the Japan Women's Wine Award "SAKURA" 2022, an international wine judging committee judged by women active in the wine industry. There were 4,652 entries for the Sakura Award 2022, and 1,425 items (30.6%) won the Gold Award. This is the first time that Yukikawa Brewery has released the winning wine.

■What is the Sakura Award 2022?
The Japan Women's Wine Award “SAKURA” 2022 is an international wine competition hosted by the Wine and Spirits Culture Association, a general incorporated association, and judged exclusively by women active in the wine industry.

Sakura Awards Official Website

This year (the 9th time), 4,652 items were entered from 28 countries, and all judging was done by blind tasting. The maximum score system was 100 points, with 93-100 points being awarded as "Double Gold," 88-92 points being awarded as "Gold," and 83-87 points being awarded as "Silver." From among the "Double Gold" wines, the "Diamond Trophy," which is awarded to the highest ranking wine, was selected.

■ Release date of "Snow River Unsparkling Rosato 2021" <br>Snow River Unsparkling Rosato 2021, which won the Gold Award in the Still Wine Rosé category, is scheduled to go on sale from late May 2022. Once the official release date has been decided, we will provide further information, including details about the wine. Please wait until then.

We are very happy and encouraged that our first wine release has been so highly praised by women active in the wine industry. We look forward to your continued support.

Yukikawa Brewery LLC Representative Tetsuya Yamahira