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Overcoming the three "no's" to increase migration: Hokkaido and Higashikawa style persists (Nikkei Shimbun, March 29, 2023, article on Higashikawa Town)

[Hokkaido Wine] 6 Hokkaido Wines Recommended by Popular Wine Shop Wiltos [Uchi Nomi Koyo Iinkai Vol. 38] (SPUR.JP, 2023/03/23)

Options and the future of the Regional Revitalization Volunteer Corps (TURNS vol.56, 2022/12/20)

A wine lover who traveled the world starts a brewery in Higashikawa, Hokkaido, a town where immigrants live   Tetsuya Yamahira of Yukikawa Brewery takes on the challenge (Nihon Keizai Shimbun, 2022/09/27)

Yukikawa Brewery wins gold medal for first vintage! A winery in a small town in Hokkaido (, 2022/09/05)

Richly flavored Higashikawa wine brewed by volunteers, soon to be released (Hokkaido Shimbun, 2022/06/28)

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NexTalk Column "Adventures around wine and wineries"

Part 1: Changes and Choices in Life (April 13, 2021 issue)

Part 2: Starting a winery in Higashikawa (May 18, 2021 issue)

Part 3: A Year in Grape Cultivation (June 8, 2021 issue)

Part 4: Do grapes grow from seeds? (July 13, 2021 issue)

Part 5: Where to build a vineyard? "Topography and soil" (August 17, 2021 issue)

Part 6: What determines the taste of wine: taste, smell, and wine components (September 14, 2021 issue)

Episode 7: Winemaking Part 1: Various things happen before fermentation (November 9, 2021 issue)

Episode 8: Wine brewing part 2: The main player in winemaking, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (December 14, 2021 issue)

Part 9: Apply for a liquor license at the tax office (January 12, 2022 issue)

Part 10: Quickly establish wineries in wine special zones (February 15, 2022 issue)

No. 11: To establish a winery corporation or not, that is the issue (March 8, 2022 issue)

Episode 12: How to learn about winemaking (April 12, 2022 issue)

No. 13: Tasting is gaining popularity (May 17, 2022 issue)

Episode 14: Winery Money Talks Part 1 "How to Prepare a Vineyard..." (June 14, 2022 issue)

Episode 15: Winery Money Talks Part 2 "It's Better to Use the Buildings We Have Now" (August 16, 2022 issue)

Episode 16: Winery Money Talks Part 3 "Most brewing equipment is imported" (September 13, 2022 issue)

Episode 17: Winery Money Talks Part 4 "Grapes alone are not enough to make wine" (November 1, 2022 issue)

Episode 18: Winery Money Talks Part 5: "The Tensions Brought by Crowdfunding" (December 13, 2022 issue)

No. 19: Winery Money Talks Part 6 "Planning for Subsidies" (January 17, 2023 issue)

Episode 20: First, learn how to use a sommelier knife (February 14, 2023 issue)