We will cooperate with "KOYAMARO" wine production in Hokkaido.


Yukikawa Winery LLC will cooperate with the winemaking in Hokkaido of "KOYAMARO", a wine brand jointly established by Takahiro Koyama, a winemaker active in New Zealand, and Naoyuki Maro, CEO of JAPAN WineGrowers Co., Ltd.

A collaboration between winemakers. A new venture in the Japanese wine industry.
A Japanese winemaker active in New Zealand has chosen Hokkaido to brew wine in Japan for the first time.

"KOYAMARO" will be brewed at Yukikawa Brewery from mid-October this year. By supporting the winemaking of these two winemakers who have gained experience in different countries and environments, Yukikawa Brewery will also pioneer a new style of winemaking.

Yukikawa Brewery LLC Representative Tetsuya Yamahira