Noto Peninsula Earthquake Victim Support Announcement


It's been a while since the new year began, but I hope you will continue to support us this year.

During the New Year period, there was a major earthquake and a plane crash in Japan, and overseas conflicts between people hurting each other continue to unfold, and heartbreaking scenes continue to be seen.

While working at the winery in the new year (we plan to release the first item of the '23 vintage at the end of January), I was thinking about what we could do at Yukikawa Brewery.

After much deliberation, we have decided to donate 10% of all sales from our online store this month (January 2024) to relief efforts for the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

Although what a small winery can do is small, when Yukikawa Brewery started up the winery we received more support than we could have ever imagined from many people.

I would like to pay back the gratitude I felt at that time.

The recipient of the donation is currently planned to be the Japanese Red Cross Society, but the final destination will be determined by the end of January. We will notify you of the details at the time of donation.

We pray that this will help ease, even just a little, the suffering and sorrow of those in difficult situations.

Yukikawa Brewery LLC