An interview article was published in the magazine "TURNS"


The interview was published in Vol. 56 (released December 20, 2022) of TURNS, a magazine that focuses on moving to rural areas and how to connect with local communities.

The options and future of the Regional Revitalization Volunteers
TURNS vol.56 [Released 12/20]

While there is only a short excerpt on the web, the magazine has a full six-page article about starting a winery as a part of the local revitalization cooperation team.

This interview came about because someone who was helping with preparations this year had a connection with the editor-in-chief of this magazine, and asked if they could put them together because they wanted to hear more about the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team.

When I told them that I was working as a local revitalization volunteer, they said they would interview me for a magazine, so the writer and editor-in-chief came to Higashikawa before the snow started to pile up.

The editor-in-chief, Mine Shingo, who was there for the interview, was being interviewed for NexTalk, where I contribute a column.

"COVID-19 Migration Now" Part 2: Atashisha's Mine Shingo talks about the importance of "not having too high expectations" when migrating (August 16, 2022 issue)

I truly feel that this article came about through a very mysterious coincidence.

*By the way, the thumbnail image on this page is not of me...