Announcement of the release of the second 2021 vintage "Snow River Rosato 2021"

Snow River Rosato 2021

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

We are pleased to announce the second release of Yukikawa Brewery's 2021 vintage, Snow River Rosato 2021.

Aiming to create a wine that can be enjoyed at the dinner table every day, we have created a rosé wine using primarily Seibel 13053, a black grape variety that is often brewed as red wine.

Wine Type Rose wine (still)
Year of production 2021
Grape-producing region Three vineyards in Higashikawa Town, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido (7th Line, Yume Park, Center)
Grape variety Seibel 13053 94% / Pinot Noir 3% / Traminer 1% / Sylvaner 1% / Chardonnay 1%
type Light to medium bodied
alcohol 11.5%
Reference price 2,800 yen (online shop price, excluding tax)

About this wine

The color is a clear, deep ruby ​​red with a slight brownish tint. The aroma is soft with pomegranate, acerola, and strawberry, with hints of apricot kernel, white peach, yogurt, and a hint of blackcurrant and blackberry. The flavor is based on the aroma of red fruits and a refreshing acidity, with a gentle umami flavor that makes you feel like you are deep in a quiet forest.

Good pairings include Chinese dishes such as sweet and sour pork with black vinegar and shumai, salt-grilled pork, roast pork, smoked salmon salad, and hot pot of Chinese cabbage and chicken with ponzu sauce.

Please enjoy this dish when you want to enjoy a meal and conversation with close friends.

●We used AI to create wine labels.

The illustrations used on this wine label were created using Stable Diffusion , a machine learning(*) software that generates images that match the text you enter, and Real-ESRGAN, a machine learning(*) software that improves the quality of low-resolution images. I haven't looked into it in detail so I can't say for sure, but I think this is probably the first time in the world that a wine label has been created and released using AI.

(*) Machine learning: "A computer algorithm or field of study that automatically improves by learning from experience. It is considered a type of artificial intelligence." (Quoted from Wikipedia )

I was able to install both software programs on my MacBook Air in just a few minutes. After that, I spent a few hours trying out various illustration patterns and generating dozens of them, and then I selected the illustration that best expressed the atmosphere of this wine for the label.

We tried to give people a concrete example of how ever-evolving information technology (IT) is becoming relatively easy to use, and we hope to continue doing similar activities in the future if we have the opportunity.

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December 2022 Yukikawa Brewery LLC Representative Tetsuya Yamahira