Snow River Duetto Rosato 2022

Snow River Duetto Rosato 2022

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Snow River Duetto Rosato 2022

A rosé wine made by combining two types of grapes, Seibel 13053 from Higashikawa Town and Zweigelt from Yoichi Town.

Aiming to create a wine that can be enjoyed at the dinner table every day, we combined two types of grapes, Seibel 13053 from Higashikawa Town in Hokkaido and Zweigelt from Yoichi Town, and created a melodic and refreshing rosé wine that combines the characteristics of each grape.

The color is a transparent ruby ​​red like a rose. The aroma is a mixture of fresh red flowers, peonies and roses, as well as young red fruits such as cranberries and raspberries, and small dark fruits such as blackberries and blackcurrants. The taste is a refreshing pomegranate-like fruitiness with a herbal flavor that has a spicy feel, and a gentle acidity and a slightly sweet bitterness that lingers in the mouth.

Good pairings include reduced ponzu sauce and roast pork, roast beef and Chaliapin sauce, ahi poke, simmered kinki, chicken zangi, and salted innards.

Please enjoy this dish when you want to enjoy a meal and conversation with close friends.

*The technical sheet for this wine can be downloaded here .

Wine Type Rose wine (still)
Year of production 2022
Grape-producing region Vineyards in Higashikawa Town, Kamikawa District, and Nobori Town, Yoichi Town, Yoichi District, Hokkaido
Grape variety Seibel 13053 60%, Zweigelt 40%
type Medium bodied
alcohol 11.5%
amount produced 1,386 bottles