Snow River Niagara Secco 2022

Snow River Niagara Secco 2022

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Snow River Niagara Secco 2022

A white wine made using plenty of Niagara table grapes.

Aiming to create a wine that can be enjoyed at the dinner table every day, we have used plenty of Niagara table grapes grown in Yoichi Town, Hokkaido to create a refreshing, dry white wine.

The color is a refreshing, clear, pale lemon yellow. The aroma is a refreshing muscat scent unique to Niagara, followed by a rich, refreshing citrus scent of lime zest, grapefruit, honey lemon, and the scent of small white flowers like jasmine. The taste is based on a refreshing citrus scent, wrapped in a refreshing acidity that evokes a deep grassland, and a faint sweetness like confetti or white peach lingers in the mouth.

Good pairings include pork with ginger, lemon-flavored chicken fricassee, som tam, sour cabbage and pork hotpot, grilled mackerel, fish and chips (malt vinegar), and yuzu sorbet.

Please enjoy this dish when you want to enjoy a meal and conversation with close friends.

*The technical sheet for this wine can be downloaded here .

*We have prepared a playlist (Spotify) to go with this wine. Please enjoy it along with the wine.

Wine Type White wine (still)
Year of production 2022
Grape-producing region Vineyards in Noborimachi, Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido
Grape variety Niagara 100%
type Light Body
alcohol 10.4%